Custom Dashboard based on modularization technology

Visualization Technology based Custom Dashboard


Why not?

Not all custom cashboard are expensive and complicated.
Vizfolio offers the most convenient Custom Dashboard at the minimum cost through modularization technology.

We have already gone ahead with projects on customized BI visualization consulting and contents, based upon Vizfolio's technology,
with more than 100 partners.

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Based on modularization

어떤 대시보드 보다 가장 쉽고 직관적인 데이터 시각화를 구현합니다.

It responds to various types of data with the interactive chart library in more than 30 kinds of module system and also can create a desired visualization dashboard with chart technology and dashboard modules.

About the interactive chart library

Customized template

It responds quickly to types that customers want.

You can select from among more than 5 customized layout templates; monitoring type, gallery type, table type, card type, and report type.

Dashboard for the purpose of searching for insight that allows various kinds of interaction to take place
Slide type visualization dashboard
A dashboard that allows you to visualize and interact with tables
A card-shaped dashboard allows multiple indicators to be compared at the same time
Provides a summary pivot table in the form of a report and visualization

Experience in and knowhow about visualization

It supports one-stop service.

With the top experts in data visualization gathered, it offers the whole process of planning, designing, and development in order to deliver information required from companies' data in the most effective way.

Reference to data visualization project

Case study

Vizfolio allows you to use data effectively in any businesses,
including smart city, smart factory, smart finance, and smart healthcare.

Visualization of an info-map for consumers in Seoul
Measurement of damage to consumers at present by visualizing data by region, month, type of damage, item, and age with regard to consumer's damage in Seoul
SK Telecom
Data visualization service of in store foot traffic and analysis of customer characteristics and behavior
Korea Electric Power Corporation
Constructing energy consulting service that can analyze electricity consumption form and figure out consumer’s electricity consumption rate for themselves

Leading institutions and companies in Korea are already realizing
a data-based smart managemental strategic system via Vizfolio.

We have introduced intuitively visualized design called Infographic in cooperation with NEWS JELLY that has expertise in visual transmission, using data. And it is in use on the homepage of Seoul Metropolitan Government named “Tear Stop” and of the Korea Consumer Agency. With this, we are able to deliver statistical information related to consumer damage that takes place in various extensive areas to Seoul citizens and to help consumers take relief procedure on various types of damage.
Park Gwang-yul, Action Officer / Seoul City Hall
Data can not tempt the reader on their own. Because it is not fun. We needed something that made it interesting by putting together these scattered pieces of data and making it a charming story. At that time, visualization projects with news jelly, gathered by data visualization experts, were able to turn the dry data values that the reporters have brought into a talking story.
Interactive & Data Analysis Visualization Project / Seoul Newspaper
The hazardous substance information of the workplaces collected according to the Industrial Safety Law has not been utilized properly since it has no means of utilizing it except for providing data statistical data. As a way to utilize high-quality data that has been collected only in this way, we have commissioned the development of a visualization service for news jelly, which has a strength in information visualization of public data. As a result, we were able to provide an information service that visualizes the status of harmful factors throughout the country, and we were able to obtain satisfactory development products even during short periods of development. We will continue to develop services related to information visualization technology in the future.
Kim Sang-soo, Team leader / Life Semantics Co., Ltd.



  • Needs analysis
  • UI · UX Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Delivery&traning


  • Needs analysis
  • UI · UX Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Delivery&traning

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