Anyone can discover
The hidden value of data and
use it creatively.

Where do you start to leverage your data?
Don’t you feel vague in front of the data?
NEWS JELLY makes it easy for anyone to find data insights with data visualization expertise and advanced R & D technology.

NEWS JELLY gives anyone an opportunity to experience the easy use of data,
on the basis of core visualization technical skills.


Easy, quick data visualization
by a few clicks for anyone

We all need to use data but that does not mean that we have to be an expert. DAISY allows anyone to visualize and use data easily and quickly.

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Multi-channel ad analytics solution
for online marketers

An integrated insight service for online performance marketers that execute and manage numerous online advertising events.

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D3 based Interactive Chart-Library

Jelly-chart offers a variety of charts based on 25 types, and its modular structure allows you to flexibly respond to user needs.

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NEWS JELLY's education on the use of data

NEWS JELLY runs various data education courses through data storytelling.
NEWS JELLY takes the initiative in spreading the value of the use of data
through education with more than 2,000 course completers
at around 20 institutions, including public institutions, companies, and schools.

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NEWS JELLY is constructing solution infrastructure in every business
that requires visualization technology on the basis of original technology,
business experiences, and customers’ trust.

  • The easiest and fastest web-based data visualization

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  • Multi-channel
    ad analytics solution

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Until the day when anyone is
able to see and use data easily comes