NEWS JELLY realizes data democratization through data visualization technology.

About us

Data is no longer an exclusive thing for a minority of decision-makers and experts.
From now on, anyone needs to be able to see and use data easily.
NEWS JELLY realizes data democratization through data visualization technology.

Our asset is sourceful visualization technology.
NEWS JELLY continues patented management, investing more than 39% into R&D every year.
NEWS JELLY aims to be the no.1 in Korea and one of the top five global companies
by obtaining patents in data visualization area through such management.

NEWS JELLY works with leading companies in Korea and overseas, such as public institutions, portal sites, press agencies, and networking agencies.

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  • 농협
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  • 여수시
  • 은평구
  • 대구
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  • KICT 빅데이터
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  • sk telecom
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  • DKU
  • 한국정보화진흥원
  • microsoft
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  • 한국남동발전
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서울특별시 빅데이터캠퍼스
sk telecom
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  • Founding NEWS JELLY Corporation in April
  • Attracting angel investment from Venture Square
  • Being awarded with the No.1 Prize in Global Startup Program
  • Concluding MOU with Seoul Metropolitan City
  • Establishing an affiliated research institute
  • Concluding a contract for the supply of solutions with the Seoul Metropolitan Government Open Data Square
  • Being selected as a start-up in procuring excellent quality products by the Public Procurement Service (Korea On-line E-Procurement System)
  • Being selected for DB-Start Value Up and for KOTRA MS Smart Growth
  • Being selected as SKT Bravo Start-up
  • Being selected for KOTRA MS Smart Growth
  • Releasing "DAISY" the data visualization solution
  • Concluding MOU with Dankook University SW Design Convergence Center
  • Taean-gun - Project for analyzing and visualizing a floating population
  • Seongnam-si - Project for analyzing public WIFI big data
  • National Information Society Agency - Concluding a contract for the supply of public data portal solution
  • Ministry of Science and ICT SWETI - Being designated as an institution for training manpower specialized in SW
  • Attracting investment from KNET Investment Partners
  • Acquiring Grade 1 GS Certificate
  • Concluding a contract for the supply of solutions with Korea Data Agency
  • Being selected for K Global 300 by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future
  • Establishing ISV partnership with Microsoft and composing package products
  • Being selected for the industrialization associative technical development project (R&D)
  • Being selected for IP Narae Project
  • Being selected as a powerful small enterprise designed for Seoul
  • Being awarded with the Minister Prize as one of ten outstanding enterprises at the Smart City Business Fair
  • Being designated as a Hi Seoul Brand company
  • Being selected as a company to supply cloud service to industrial complexes
  • Being awarded with the Commissioner Prize from the Korea Intellectual Property Office at the 2017 Korea Invention Patents Contest
  • Participating in the KISED-ACE Market Access Programme
  • Releasing 'MAGIC TABLE' the online advertising strategy solution
  • Singapore 해외시장 개발 및 파이프라인 기반구축
  • 하나은행 'Agile 1Q Lab' 선정
  • KB국민은행 'KB 스타터스' 선정
  • Japan 해외시장 개발 및 파이프라인 기반구축
  • 농협중앙회 계약 수주
  • 세아홀딩스 계약 수주


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NEWS JELLY is constructing solution infrastructure in every business
that requires visualization technology on the basis of original technology,
business experiences, and customers’ trust.
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Until the day when anyone is
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